Our Story

We are based in Haworth, West Yorkshire, whose famous cobbled street were home to the legendary Bronte sisters. The three sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Anne, are all regarded as literary geniuses and their enduring reputation have helped make Haworth the tourist hotspot it is today.

And so our story began…

Our family thought we could add to the many tourists who come to Haworth and give them something out of the ordinary by opening our Bistro and Microbrewery in 2010, which have proved very popular with locals and holiday makers alike.

In the spring of 2017, we decided to create the finest spirits that would showcase our Yorkshire heritage and we also started to create unique mixers and tonics that have proved to be the perfect pairings for not just our spirits , but also for the best spirits across the world.

Haworth and Miss Mollies Gins

As a small-batch distiller, we produce a range of dynamic flavour-inspired gins that showcases everything that’s great about Yorkshire, using only the best local ingredients. We are dedicated to the discovery of a modern day gin experience.

We are a small-batch company which uses recipes and ingredients that prioritise botanical and other natural ingredients over the synthetic chemicals used in many mass-produced products.

Gascoigne’s tonics & mixers

Our mission to produce small-batch, all natural tonics & mixers – not just a  perfect pairing for the finest spirits but also as a range of all-natural drinks that are perfect on their own. We source directly from trusted growers from all over the globe who deliver the freshest of ingredients. Then we hand craft small batch drinks that are all unique to us.

The production of our small-batch mixers involves the use of techniques and processes that might not be seen as “cost efficient” in a mass production, but we feel create a superior end product

Our finely-tuned creations are loved by all.