Our Beers

Traditional Yorkshire Steam Brewed beers are a no nonsense creation from head brewer Andy Gascoigne who brings a wide selection of well balanced, hand crafted brews, from ‘Gods own County’

Using only the finest filtered Yorkshire water, a sprinkling of new world hops and the best malt money can buy.

All uniquely brewed to bring a perfect variety of well balanced beers at one of the smallest family run, independent breweries in the UK. Enjoy.

You will find a great diverse range of home brewed beers at our brewery tap, you can also pick up a selection of our bottled beers which are available to drink in or to take away.

Willie Eckerslike Yorkshire Ale 4.2% ABV (CASK AND BOTTLE)

Willie Eckerslike is the leading session ale within our range of craft beers, four different hop varieties are used to make ‘Willie’ a complex but subtle taste profile.

The combination of dryness, as generated though the use of fuggles and challenger hops is balanced by sweetness created by the generous use of maris otter.

Tyke Yorkshire Bitter 3.8 % ABV (CASK ONLY)

A cornerstone of our range of real ales, this amber coloured wonder is a mouth watering example of a cask-conditioned bitter.

Brewed using maris otter and crystal malts together with locally grown target and fuggles hops, Tyke Yorkshire Bitter has a delicate hoppy aroma leading on to a full malty flavour and ending in a crisp clean bitter finish. 

Fair t Middlin 3.8% ABV (CASK ONLY)

Traditional quintessential English bitter, brewed from the finest maris otter, malted barley and crystal malts. A charmingly smooth premium ale where a trio of English grown hops are used to give the bitterness of late target with the floral infusion of the challenger.

The beer is then dry hopped with plenty of East Kent goldings and is what makes this ale a firm favourite.   


A chestnut coloured bitter brewed with a true Yorkshire session ale in mind.

With an appetising slight sweetness from the complex spicy flavours of dark fruits, leaving a clean finish, with a delightfully balanced aroma.

Black Bright CO”IL Mans Stout 4.2% ABV (CASK AND BOTTLE)

This stout is toasty with derived flavours from black malts and roasted barley combined together with a particular tangy acidity.

Highlighted is the oaky dryness and smooth peppery finish, with a hint of peat. Perfect cold whatever time of the year.

Hurricane IPA 3.9% ABV (CASK ONLY)

We have been brewing this beer annually for the Haworth 1940s weekend which is held in May each year. This was one of the first brews when the brewery was founded in 2010 and is our first attempt at what is a neutral style of beer with some complexity, styled on mellow flavours but with depth.

All English malts and hops are used to make this our tribute to this magnificent British  flying machine.   

Austerity American Pale Ale 3.9% ABV (CASK ONLY)

The generous use of maris otter ale malts and toasted crystal cleverly brings together a real subtleness of flavours, mellow and without harshness. This easy drinking classic has been a staple of our brewery for years.

Factor in the clever use of the American cascade hops blended with English fuggles it is a true Anglo American combo that works a treat. Session beer at its finest. 

Tek`n Gorm Golden Ale 4.0% ABV (CASK ONLY)

A  selected flavour packed, slow kilned ale malt. Caramalt and biscuit malted wheat are used to craft a malt backbone which is then beautifully complemented by a heady hop aroma of zesty lemon and orange citrus.

From the  powerful addition of New Zealand nelson sauvin this golden ale finishes refreshing and moorish and is not to be missed when available.

Up T’ Summat Pale Ale 4.3% ABV (CASK AND BOTTLE)

Up T’ Summit is an easy-going real pale ale that brings people together. The combination of all American hops and English malts are a great amalgamation of two worlds colliding.

This understated brew ia a pale straw colour, citrus hop aroma and a balanced bitter finish, lovingly created and enjoyed by some of the best beer enthusiast the world over.

By`Eck Pale Ale 4.1% ABV (CASK ONLY)

Brewed with an outstanding trio of bold American hops for a light fruity aroma and flavour, with a refreshing citrus finish.

This session pale has an appealing, citrus hoppy nose which carries through onto the palate where it mingles beautifully with the malts, leading to a very nicely integrated flavour profile and a clean well-balanced finish.

Hells Bells 4.1% ABV (CASK ONLY)

Brewed using the finest cascade and centennial hops, this light pale has citrus notes with a slightly floral yet crisp finish.

Designed to be a session ale with a strong fruity aroma that leaves a perfect hoppy aftertaste.

Nah Then Yorkshire Blonde 4.0% ABV (CASK OLNY)

This mellow straw like beer is a combination of lager malts, full bodied but low in bitterness giving a delicate malty sweetness on the palate and the fruit hop aroma of the late.

Manadarina Baveria  is clear and distinctive , this leaves a clean crisp finish to the brew and without doubt this European hopped  beer is a easy drinking delight 

Over Yonder Barley Blonde 4.2% ABV (CASK ONLY)

Over Yonder barley blonde  is a welcome ray of liquid sunshine whether it’s summer, winter or anywhere in between.

We have blended a trio of  finest new world hop varieties, columbus cascade & chinook together with English pale ale malts to make this a cheerfully down-to-earth-beer that is simply bursting with zest and character A hoppy wonder with a little bite. 

Vier 4.1% ABV (KEG ONLY)

With a robust character it is pale in colour with a full bodied flavour giving a slight malty undertone.

Top fermented but with German hops and English lager yeasts.

Viper  5.0% ABV (KEG ONLY)

A straw pale crisp super dry pilsner, lightly hopped with a smooth clean finish. 

Brewed with all American hops incorporating Belgium yeast and bottom fermented.

You will find a great diverse range of home brewed beers at our brewery tap, you can also pick up a selection of our bottled beers which are available to drink in or to take away.